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Any Keylogger


The world's best computer monitoring softwarethat can be used for parental control, employee monitoring and private keystroke logger. With advanced features Anykeylogger can record the logs and then send the logs to you via email.

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Any Keylogger

version 2.3, update on Jan.16, 2014

Any Keylogger, as one of world's best computer tracking software in the world, is widely applied to parental control, employee monitoring and private detective service.

With nine advanced computer monitoring features, Anykeylogger can help users to keep track of all activities happened on the monitored computer, record the logs and then send the logs to you via email. In addtion, Anykeylogger occupies very small memory and always runs in stealthy mode to prevent detection on computers and allows protection of settings of the program itself and logs collected by the software.

9 Major Advanced Computer Monitoring Features

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Capture Screenshots
Stealthly capture computer desktop and saved as logs in form of pictures

  • Allow to adjust screenshot quality and capture scale
  • Preset capture time interval
  • Able to capture screenshot based on keyword

Monitor Visited Websites
Keep track of visited websites and detailed information about browsing history.

  • Capture visited website's URL
  • Record visited time
  • Show detailed information about browsing history including browser name, window name.

Log Keystrokes
Record all strokes struck on keyboard.

  • Record all keystokes stuck on keyboard
  • Record the application name where strokes happened
  • Record happened time

Track Application Activity
Track all programs and applications running on computer

  • Record applications running on the computer
  • Record application and programs running time
  • Run in secret mode

Block Websites
Block some sites on computer by adding site address in block list

  • Allow to set a list of block sites on monitored computer
  • or Allow to set a list of allowed sites for the computer
  • Run in stealth mode

Block Applications
Block applications or programs on computer

  • Allow to block applications or some programs on computer
  • Run in secret mode

Limit PC Time
Set time limit on computer usage

  • Able to set computer use time per day
  • Able to preset computer use time of specific day
  • Allow to show warning before time expires

Capture Clipboard
Capture all activities happened on clipboard

  • Capture all operations on clipboard
  • Record all copy contents of clipboard
  • Record in stealth mode

Email You The Logs
Collect all logs and then send the logs to your email address based on preset time interval

  • Send logs vial emails based on preset time interval
  • Able to work with almost all email service