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Anykeylogger Professional Keylogger Software for Customers

Date: April 28,2013

Have you ever wonder what happens on your computer when you are out? Have you ever needed an effective way to administrate your employees' manners during their working time? Have you ever want to fix your eyes on your kids or your cheating spouse's activities on the Internet? Now Anykeylogger can make all you want possible, for it's able to invisibly monitor all activities on the computer including keystrokes, websites visited, applications launched and clipboard logs.

Anykeylogger is designed to monitor and record users' computer completely undetectable and silently. Only the person who installed it will notice its existence email log files to any email account you choose. The person who has set up the software will be able to see all the keys entered by the user. And the records and logs will be sent to administrator for evidence via email.

The software program will be able to find even the passwords and other secure details of the user as it observes and records all the keys entered by a user. This can help employers to check that their employees utilize the company computers only for business use alone, can monitor and ensure the safety in kids' activities on the Internet, and also will track the spouse who are suspected of infidelity.
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Anykeylogger is a professional and leading provider of computer protection and surveillance solutions. Ever since the year 2007, we've started and concentrated on improving the service and UE of our products. Throughout all these years' hard working and persistence, we've overcome barriers and obstacles to launch the new product-Anykeylogger.

Application developed by Anykeylogger group is authoritative and top-rated in supervising and controlling all activities on computer, so that it perfectly fulfills the requirements of parental control and employee management.