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Any Keylogger for Mac v2.3

Any Keylogger for Mac OS X, a perfect keylogger for Mac, can log any online activities on Mac including keystrokes, websites, applications, clipboard and snapshots, which mean even typed passwords and IP address of the target Mac will also be recorded. With the feature of sending log emails, you can access all the logs recorded by best keylogger for Mac.

Only:$29.95  (version 2.3, update on Dec.30,2013)

Key Features

Take screenshots

    Any Keylogger for Mac takes snapshots of Mac screen desktop at preset interval and gives you full screenshots of what your Mac was doing.

Record browsing history

    The websites and URLs visited in popular Mac web browsers along with detailed information about browsing history will be recorded, the detailed information includes:

    ----browsing time
    ----Title of website
    ----browser name
    ----application path

Log keystrokes and passwords typed
Able to record passwords and user names typed in applications; and everything typed in websites except website password ( it can record website password in 10.6 OS).
Program Activity
Log all detailed information of program running in the Mac, including games and iTunes.
Record chat transcripts of IM tools
Chat conversations sent to others in IM tools will be recorded, such as Skype, Adium, iChat, AIM, MSN.
Record emails sent or received
Emails sent will be recorded and received email can be recorded by screenshot.
Send the logs to Email
You can receive the logs via email box so you can check the logs remotely.
Run in stealth mode
Any Keylogger for Mac runs in background and invisible in Add/Remove program list, Software installation files, Startup menu and even from Desktop icon.
tip: you can set hotkey to activte the program in "General", the defaul setting of hotkey is Alt+Ctrl+Shift+K.
If you can't remember the hotkey, you can click the install package to activate it.

What do we use it for?

As keylogger is able to monitor keystrokes, record visited websites and applications, etc. it's used for parental control, monitoring employees and recording keystrokes as backup. For people who are afraid of computer sudden crashes when they are typing something and fail to store in time, keylogger is a useful tool that can record and store all keystrokes in real time when the computer start. In addition, keylogger is widely used to monitor children and employees computer use.


The advantages of Anykeylogger for Mac

Compared with other keyloggers for Mac, our product has several advantages:

1. Very simple main interface.
2. Stable functions: after test, our keylogger can fluently and effectively record keystrokes, screenshots, websites and applications.
3. Small size: the small size of program will occupy very few space.
4. Competitive price is another advantage of it.


Tips for Use

1. As keyloggers mostly run in stealth mode, you need to set a hotkey to unhide it. The hotkey of this program must be easy to remember for you; otherwise even you who installed the program may fail to activate it. Anykeylogger for Mac allows you change the default hotkey as you like.

2. In addition to the convenience of hotkey, in consideration of the privacy of logs tracked by the program, you can set a password for the software so that unauthorized users can't view the records.

3. In order to save hard disk space, you need to clear the old logs regularly. Different from keylogger hardware and some other keyloggers, our product provides you with the automatic clearance of records. What you need to do is preset the time internal, and then the program will automatically delete the logs based on your setting.


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  • I am very satisfied with the Any Keylogger for Mac. it was easy to use, easy to hide, and I would definatly reccomend this product to anybody.

    - Cathy

  • The automatic emailing feature is priceless, as I no longer had to have the monitored computer in my possession. It helped me to realize remotely monitoring.



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