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How to track computer activities with computer tracking application?

For certain consideration of security aspect, there is a requirement of tracking computer. As a worrying parent, if your child spends too much time on computer, you have to pay attention on their online behavior when there are so many violent games which may harm them. Or as the administrator of an organization, using computer tracking software can assure you safety when the employees are not on their duties.

Any Keylogger is effective and powerful Internet tracking software that is designed for tracking and capture all activities on computers and laptops.

Get Any Keylogger here and learn to track computer:

download anykeylogger

1Install the software and run it

Run the program and press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A to enter the main window.
Keep the state of "Status" on at first, switch on functions you need.

2Choose user account to monitor

In "General" window, choose users you want to monitor as below.

3Configure screenshot setting

Click "Screenshots", set "Capture Interval" and relevant settings about screen shots.

4View monitor logs

Click "status"->"View Log", and then you can view any records by clicking.


Computer tracking software Any Keylogger is able to track and record activities on computer or laptops, which include the application you run, net you browse, files you print, and e-mails you send. When your child is using a laptop you can track his or her actions with a laptop tracking software secretly in case your child may pose themselves to danger on the Internet.

It is widely used for parents and company administrators to have a watch or the children's and employees' actions in stealth mode, only using the certain Hotkeys can make the program appear on the desktop.

"Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A" is the default setting of Hotkey of Any Keylogger, you can also reset the hotkey as you like by clicking on"General", you can change character to reset the hotkey. /p>

Click "General", check "Login With Password", input your password in the popup window, and then you can set a password for your keylogger program, so any others cannot enter Any Keylogger.
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