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How to spy computer with Any Keylogger on Windows 7/8/XP ?

Sometimes it is very necessary for you to spy or monitor your kid's or employees' activities on computer for the sake of protecting your loved child or taking care of the company. Computer spyware these days soon get popular among people and assist them to monitor everything on computer.

Keylogger is professional PC spy software which is hidden and invisible on your computer and capture your password, record keystroke, monitor launched programs, track visited website and record all other activities on computer. With the undeletable computer spying programs you are in total control of your kid's and employees' computer and never need to worry about your kid or employees get into the wrong way.

Get a trial version of computer spy program Any Keylogger here and learn to monitor computer right now:

download anykeylogger

1Install the software and run it

Install the program after you download it and press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A to activate it.
Make sure the state of "Status" is on at first, switch on functions you need.

2Choose user account to monitor

Choose "General", and then select users you want to monitor in the drop-down box.

3Set screenshot function

Click "Screenshots", here you can set "Capture Interval"  to make sure the program will record the screenshots as you need.

4View monitor logs

Click" Status"-> "View Log", you can view logs by clicking different items.

With keylogger, all internet activity can easily be recorded no matter whether somebody has actually attempted to disguise their task by often deleting their surfing history. A great benefit is that the software application will operate separately of all other programs which are working on the computer at the exact same time so that these need not be impacted or disturbed whatsoever. Additionally, such software will not appear on any type of lists of running procedures, neither will it look like a pc symbol.

There are three methods to activate Any Keylogger after it hides on the background.

  • 1. Press the hotkey of Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A
  • 2. Set the Magic word in "General" interface, and then you can activate the program by entering the magic word everywhere.
  • 3. You can also run the application by entering "runkey" in the Run command window.
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