Any keylogger

How to Record Keystrokes with Keystroke Logger for Windows?

You can record keystrokes using a piece of keystroke logging software.
Anykeylogger has an advanced feature of logging keystrokes typed on computer.
It record all keystrokes typed on applications or websites.

If you are willing to record all keystrokes on your computer to back up your keyboard's activities so as to check it anytime and anywhere, keylogger software, the professional logging tool may help you to have a chance to realize it.

With the help of a keystroke tracker application of Anykeylogger, you are able to capture everything happens on the computer. As long as you activate all features of Anykeylogger, it can provide you with all logs from the click of any key to the record of any visited website. Keystroke logger can even record website password and application password, and send it to you by email.

Get Any Keylogger here and learn to record keystrokes on computer.

Activate, and then Monitor

  Activate features

Make sure the state of "Status" is on, and switch on "Keystrokes Logging".

  View logs

Click "View Log" to enter the logging window. Next, click" Keystroke" under target account, then the logs will be presented as below.

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