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How to Record Keystrokes with Keystroke Logger for Windows

If you are will to record all keystrokes on your computer to back up your keyboard’s activities so as to check it anytime and anywhere, keylogging software, the professional logging tool may help you to have a chance to realize it.

With the help of a keystroke tracker application of Anykelggoer, you are able to capture everything happens on the computer, from the click of any key to the record of any visited website. Keystroke logger can even record website password and application password, and send it to you by email.

Get Any Keylogger here and learn to record keystrokes on children’s computer.

download anykeylogger

1Install the software and run it

Install the program and press" Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A" to run it, then you enter the interface as below.
Make sure the state of "Status" is on, and choose the functions you want to apply.

2Configure user account to monitor

Click" General ", check user accounts you need to monitor

3View records of keystrokes

Click "View Log" to enter the logging window.
Next, click" Keystroke" under target account, then the logs will be presented as below.

The development of the technology world affects almost every part of our lives, and computers, smart phones, tablets and other digital products soon occupy our daily life.

At the mention of computer key logger, people may label it with bad uses, in fact, keylogger can be used for many good purposes, for example, administrators can use it as employee monitoring program to effectively manage the network safety of company and to ensure employees’ working efficiency during working hours; besides, individuals can utilize keylogger as backup tool to record all the keystrokes typed on the keyboard so that they can find some important contents when they carelessly delete them.

If you need a program to help you log the keystrokes, Any Keylogger will be the right choice, it can record the keystrokes on the computer and send logs to your email by setting relevant functions. In "Delivery" window, you can input your email address and send a test email for ensuring this function is available. You can also reset the interval of email.
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