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How to realize parental control on Personal Computer?

Google has been making progress on the development of parental controls for its Chrome web browser, and the popular browser is now introducing a new less-privileged type of account to enable parental controls. In order to keep up with the users’ rapidly increasing requirements, other browsers such as firefox, safari also provide some solutions to browse some certain websites. Beside blocking function the browser provides for us, some parents may also want to know what children are talking about with others in IM tools or prevent children from using some programs.

Anykeylogger is just the parental control app that can log all computer activities and send the records to parents via email. With it, parents can know whatever children have done on the computer. Get Any Keylogger here and achieve parental control on computer step by step:

download anykeylogger

1Install the software and run it

Follow the wizard to install the program and press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A to run it. Switch on the button "Status".

2Choose user account to monitor

Click "General", you can check "All Users" to monitor all users accounts or you can check "Only Selected" and choose specific users to monitor.

choose user account to monitor

3Configure screenshot setting

In "Screenshots", you can set concerning settings about screen shots here.

4Set Parental Control

Click “Parental Control”, there are 3 functions about parental control.

Website Blocking: check “Enable Website Filter”, choose “blocked keyword”, and then you can input words in the following box to add it to the blocked list; or you can choose “Allowed Websites”, here you can enter the website address in the box to add it to the allowed items.

Application Blocking: check “block application”, click the right or left arrow to move the applications to the two boxes to decide which application should be blocked.

Time Control: here you can set time control on your children’s Internet use, check the box you need and you can set time limits in everyday in the following table by pressing the relevant sub-boxes into gray.

5View monitor logs

Navigate to" Status", click "View Log", choose date of records and the contents you want to view, then the logs will be presented on the right.


Parental control in Chrome is that users can create a supervised user account and place a link for it on the desktop. The account will be tied to the manager's Google account and a dedicated webpage will allow him to configure any restrictions and settings. The feature might also be used for Chromebooks as Google pushes its cloud-centric devices to the educational industry.

As for Firefox, the easiest way to block websites in Mozilla Firefox is by using a third-party add-on called Web Filter. The Filter extension blocks sites that have been added to its "blacklist," but it can also be set up to disable any links to the blocked sites by showing nonfunctional text instead of hyperlinks. The Filter also has a "password protection" feature that helps prevent unwanted changes to BlockSite by others, which is the bright pot of Firefox parental controls. While as you see above, for parents who want to know what their children exactly have done on PC, there are still many limits in the parental control functions come with browsers.

Anykeylogger, as the best parental control app, can effectively solve this problem; for it has the function of log all the computer activities that parents can check the records anytime and anywhere.
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