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How to monitor employee with Any Employee Monitoring on Windows7/8/XP?

As the administrator of a company you may encounter with a variety of problems and difficulties in managing the employees and improving the working efficiency. When you are out and you cannot make sure that all the employees will keep on hard working, therefore, on this moment you can turn to employee monitoring software that can monitor employees' computer, which can assist administrators to put your company under control even when you are absent.

Any Employee Monitoring is an employee tracking software that runs secretly on the employees' computer and captures their actions in details so you will never need to worry about your employees visit websites that are irrelevant to their work.

Click here to download Any Keylogger, and then follow the steps shown as below.

download anykeylogger

1Install the software and run it

Download the package from our site, and then extract it in your computer.

Install the "Console" in admin computer and then copy the "Agent" to employees' PCs and install it.

2Scan target users

Click "Edit"-> "Scan" to search for target users. If the program fails to search for a target user you want to monitor, click add user to enter the account name of targer user to add it to the left navigation.

3Customize settings

Click "customize"-> "Screen Monitoring", and then configure basic settings of screenshot below.

Click “customize”-> “Alert Setting”, first check “Enable Real-time Warning Alert”, check box you want to apply.

You can also check "custom", add application names in the following box, and then the program will alert you when the app runs in employee's PC.

Click "customize"-> "Monitoring Time", you can set monitor time here.

4Choose user to view logs

Choose one user on the left to monitor. Click any icon in the main interface to view the logs.


This employee computer monitoring software helps you to monitor employee's PC in real time, what's more, you can monitor multiple employees' screen at the same time, the maximum number of monitoring screens can be up to 16. It also will alert you when employee plug a USB flash drive in his/her computer or copy the file out from the computer. With it, admin can comprehensively protect company's data security and network security.

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