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How to monitor child's activities on computer via Keylogger software?

Many parents lack enough understanding and management of children's activities on the Internet. Actually, spending too much time on the Internet will not only be harmful for kids' eye sight, but also some websites that contain negative information shall have a severe impact on kids' mental health. In order to make sure children's physical and mental health, it's high time that you should monitor children

keylogger is a type of child monitoring software to manage and control children's activities on the Internet by monitoring kids' computer. Click here to down load the software, and the detailed steps are shown as follows.

download anykeylogger

1Install the software and run it

Run the program and press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A to enter the main interface.
Ensure the main switch "Status" is on, and switch on the functions you want to use.

2Choose user account to monitor

To choose target users to monitor, you should click "General".

3Configure screenshot setting

In "Screenshots", configure "Capture Interval" and other settings about screen shots to ensure you can get proper screenshots.

4Parental Control

Back to" Status", click "Parental Control", to enter the logging window.

In "Website blocking",you can choose to set a list of blocked websites or a list of allowed websites.

In "Application blocking", you can forbit your children use some certain applications by clicking the right arrow to add applications to blocked box on the right.

In "Time control",  you can choose to set the same time limit for PC’s every day use, or you can click the different sub-box to grey to block the Internet use in this specific moment.

5View logs

Click "status"->"View Log", and then you can view any records by clicking.


Any Keylogger has user friendly interface and does not require any technical skill to operate the software. This type of monitoring software easily supports all Windows OS including Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista.

As we are focus on perfecting ourselves, you can contact us for free technical support once you get problems about our software. If you pay for the full version of Any Keylogger, you will get upgrades for free during one year as a registered user.


The advantages of using child monitoring software are obvious. Once you installed the child monitoring software, you are able to see what your kids are doing and you can prevent the potential treats to your kids body and mind when your children are browsing websites with improper contents such violence or pornography.
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