Any keylogger

How to monitor chatting and conversations on Windows?

You can monitor chatting and conversation with a keystroke recording program.
Anykeylogger is the world's best keystroke recording software that can help you record chatting or conversations
by effectively recording all keystrokes struck on keyboard.

Cyber bullying now is more and more prevalent and serious in our daily life. And we always know that most victims of cyber bullying are the juvenile who lack the ability of distinguishing good from bad and strong psychological endurance to bear the harms caused by cyber bullying. A large part of cyber bullying happens in chatting and conversation in forms of insulting words or pictures.

Anykeylogger's advanced feature of recording keystrokes can provide parents with a reference to judge whether children have encountered cyber bullying.

Anykeylogger is a good instant message monitor tool to help you parent child properly with explicit record of chatting and surveillance.

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Monitoring in simple operation

  Switch on the monitoring feature

Enter the interface, make sure the state of "Status" is on, and choose the functions you want to apply.

  Preset screenshot settings

First of all set the screenshot capture time interval to ensure the program can track the conversation from
the other side as much as possible. Or you can enable smart sense capture and add keyword so program will snap screen when the word appears.

  View logs

Click "status"->"View Log", and then you can view any record by clicking.

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