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How to catch a cheater via computer with keylogger software?

What do you do if you find that your spouse is cheating on you?

As the rapid development of modern communication tools, people can connect with others by not only cell phone but also instant messaging software. Therefore, checking his/her messages and calls is absolutely not enough. How to catch a cheating spouse?

Any Keylogger is a type of catching cheating spouse software, which can help you to get logs of your spouse on computer to find whether your spouse is cheating. Download the best keylogger here, and follow the steps below.

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1Step 1 Install the software and run it

Install the program and press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A to run it.

Switch on the button "Status", make sure the states of functions you want to use are on.

2Step 2 Choose user account to monitor

Click "General", and then select monitored users as below.

3Step 3 Configure screenshot setting

In "Screenshots", set "Capture Interval" and relevant settings about screen shots.

4Step 4 View monitor logs

Back to" Status", click "View Log", choose one item you want to view, and then the detailed records will be shown on the right.


It is not easy to deal with infidelity, if you are having doubts about your partner, what are you going to do? Sit and wait till you see it with your own two eyes? Moreover, doubting your spouse makes you feel guilty and you prefer to ignore such things.

You can adopt a type of computer monitoring software instead of spying and following your partners everywhere which is too risky, it is best to leave the job to tracking software when you suspect your spouse’s cheating activities happen on the Internet. To catch a cheating spouse is not easy, especially if you don't have the guts to do it. Take computer monitoring software as one of your investigating tools, for it can run hidden on the background without being detected by users who are monitored.

When the program runs hidden on the background, you have three ways to activate it. The first way is to use the hotkey of "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A" to run/hide it, you can also change the default setting of hotkey. The second way to activate it is to set at least 6 characters as a magic word so that you can unhide it by pressing the magic word anywhere. The last method is that you can press "runkey" in run command window to start the application.

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